Premises & Sessions

I work from a discreet, one room set up in the heart of Glasgow city centre. You won’t meet anyone else when you come to visit me and the room is fully equipped with various implements as well as a spanking bench and couch for over the knee spanking. If I have seen someone before then I am happy to visit them in an outcall setting.


I would describe myself as a Spankee or a bottom, I am not submissive by nature. This means that I do not enjoy activities such as humiliation or extreme power play. That being said I am more than happy to take part in a variety of role plays such as a naughty school girl, secretary that needs a spanking, age play scenarios etc. If role play isn’t your thing then don’t worry some of my favourite sessions have been a combination of spanking and chatting, I love to get to know my clients and find out how they became involved in the wonderful world of spanking. In addition to taking a good hand spanking I am also happy to play with paddles, tawses/belts and canes all at a light to moderate level.


Some people enjoy experiencing both ends of the spanking spectrum and I am happy to oblige. If you would like we can switch during our time together and I can take you over my knee as well.


Please note that I do not offer full nudity during sessions. I am happy to strip off most of my clothes but I will keep a small thong on to preserve my modesty.

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