Duo and Switch Sessions

Thanks to having some wonderfully kinky friends I am able to offer a wide variety of duo sessions.

If you would like to see me alongside a Dominant Lady then I can definitely fulfil that fantasy! In my links section you will see the Lady that I primarily work with for duo sessions. You can be submissive alongside me or both of you can punish me, we can even do a combination of both of these things. I can also work with other Ladies by advanced arrangement if you have someone in mind.

If you would like to see me be spanked by a Dominant Gentleman I also offer voyeur sessions. If you would like to join in the fun as above this is also possible.

As I’ve mentioned before I understand that some people prefer to experience both ends of the spanking spectrum and so I am happy to offer switch sessions. This allows for more variety where we can split our time between the two activities. I am very capable of administering a hand spanking and I am also adept at using implements such as the paddle strap and cane.