My favourite newbie

A few weeks ago I saw a lovely gentleman who wanted to explore the kink and spanking scene for the first time. He told me he had specifically sought me out because I did not offer sexual services so I was very interested to see how the session would play out. It was one of the most dynamic, different and hilarious sessions I have done in a long time and I absolutely adored it.

He explained over the phone that he was looking for a role play where I was a young lady who had been caught smuggling papers out of the country. He would “interrogate me” until I gave him the name of the person who had given me these papers. That was all he told me. On the day the only thing we discussed further was the name of this person who had given me the papers as this would be my way of ending the session if it became too much. He had some idea of how he wanted the session to go but had never experienced anything like this before.

We started with him explaining to me that I was in very serious trouble and that I might be allowed to save myself if only I would give him this gentleman’s name, I of course refused. Over the next 40 or so minutes he made me strip down to my underwear, tied up my breasts in a rather fantastic shibari tie which I was most impressed with and did a fair bit of nipple and breast play which I must admit is something I don’t do often. I love spanking sessions especially switch sessions but it is wonderful when now and again I have these different interactions with people. My favourite part of the session came when he asked me why I was in the country. This is why I love role play, there is unlimited scope for creativity and change. I said I was here for a yoga retreat and I expect he thought I had pulled that idea from no where so asked me to do a full sun salutation sequence for him. The shock on his face when I performed said sequence not once but twice (very well I might add) and managed to hold the position while I was spanked was quite fabulous. Doing something so different and dynamic really pushed the bounds of what  I usually do in sessions and I enjoyed it immensely.

Not long after the role play broke as he admitted he had run out of ideas, it being his first time he only had a certain amount of ideas in his head. This lead to my second favourite part of the session; just chatting and getting to know more about each other. I was still bound up and still across the spanking bench but we chatted about the set up of the room, how we had both become interested in kink, what my usual sessions looked like and really got a feel for each other as people navigating this world. The session finished with him asking me if I would strike hima few types with each implement he had used on me, not in a submissive way but purely so he could feel the sensations. I of course was happy to oblige and I think he felt the pain of them far more than I would have but then that is the wonderful thing about being so new to this world.

It was a pleasure to assist this lovely gentleman with his first experience of living out his fantasy. More different and interesting sessions are always welcome.