What to expect from a session

I thought I would write a small post to answer some questions about what happens from the moment you contact me until we meet and have our session. I have written this specifically to be quite generic so add in your own specificities.

If you email me you can generally expect a response within 24 hours, I will let you know if the type of session you want is possible or not and then will pass you my mobile number so that we may discuss things more specifically over the phone.

When we talk over the phone I will tell you how much I ask as a tribute and we will discuss the session in more detail. Here you can tell me if there is anything specific you would like me to wear or any specific implements you would like to use. If you decide you would like the session we will arrange a time and I will tell you roughly where my premises is located so that you can make travel arrangements. Please remember that although I love bottoming for you in sessions I am still a person and I would like your communication with me to be mindful of this and respectful.

Once we have our session all set up I will ask you to contact me on the day 2 hours before your appointment time to confirm that you would still like to see me. When we talk I will tell you where you are coming to and can advice on places to park or best transport links. Now all we both have to do is wait with eager anticipation!

When you arrive I will greet you at the door dressed as requested and I will show you the room we are using and make sure you are happy with everything. I will run through your session requirements with you again to make sure I’ve got them all correct and offer you a drink of water before we start.

After that it’s all down to you, or both of us if we are switching. I will always endeavour to do my best to make sure we have a lovely time together.

Just a couple more things to note…

I am happy to dress as you ask assuming I have suitable clothes, if there is something specific that you want me to wear and I do not have please feel free to bring it along and I will be more than happy to wear it for you.

I am also perfectly happy to strip down during our session so that you can see my lovely figure that I work so hard to maintain. However please remember that I will ALWAYS keep a small thong on to cover the area that you should not be touching.

If you would like to relieve yourself at the end of our time together please just say this is absolutely not a problem. I will not do this for you though so please do not ask. I can wiggle my bum in your face as you do so but that is as far as my participation goes.

Hopefully that has answered any questions you might have and has given you an idea of what to expect so as to put you more at ease about our time together. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me to ask.

I hope to see some of you very soon

Sacha x