A Domestic Spanking for a Naughty Girl

In addition to getting spanked by all the lovely gentlemen that come to visit me I often get spanked at home by my partner for doing naughty and devious things while he is at work.

Most recently he had been working hard all day and I had promised I would have his dinner ready for him coming in the door. Unfortunately I got a little distracted….

Sacha Grey is one of my favourite adult movie actresses and I could watch her crawling about on screen for hours which on this occasion had prevented me from noticing that he was due home any minute. Dinner wasn’t going to take long to make but he was off the train and it was a short walk home. In my haste I forgot to close the web browser page.

From the kitchen I hear him let himself in and walk through to the bedroom…damn the page was still open! Well too late now best to be as sweet as possible and hopefully he wouldn’t say anything. Alas I am never so lucky.

He asks how long dinner will be and apparently the response “not long” is not good enough. It appears “not long” means long enough for me to get a spanking. He takes me into the living room and pulls me across his knee. He isn’t cruel, it’s not his style and so he starts off gently. By the time steam is issuing from the pot on the stove however my bum is also boiling as he administers some short sharp smacks. Once he is done he makes me stand in the corner of the kitchen while he dishes up dinner himself as I am “clearly not capable with such a sore bottom”. No doubt there will be some more spanking before bed although hopefully Miss Grey will still be on the screen…